Emptied Coffee Mugs and Filled Pastor Souls


I dabble in poetry from time to time, never successfully.  Yet this morning as I sat in our empty church building, contemplating my empty coffee mug and the fullness of God’s grace before the earliest of my congregants arrived, I couldn’t help but throw this number together.  Enjoy! (Or don’t, I don’t care.)

How blessed are the beans that grow from the plants

And sacred the hands which pluck them from their branch

Then deliver them to the roaster whose heat purifies.

Oh how pure is the water when poured through the filter

and divine the smell which wafts from the pot.

Then lovely is the sound when the liquid finds its cup

And how incredible is the first sip that warms cracked lips!

How great is each drink until the mug is done.

But how sad is the sight of that mug’s bottom

And how devastating when that last sip is gone.

Yet how grateful one is when one realizes

That though the coffee runs out, there is a greater presence,

Blessed, sacred, pure, divine, lovely and incredible!

Even though the coffee mug is emptied, God’s cup still runneth over!

Happy Sunday morning.  I hope whatever holy house you find yourself inhabiting that your worship is very “filling.”

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