Updates to Blog


On Sunday I will be installed as the senior pastor of a church in Layton, UT (which is right north of Salt Lake City).  In honor of that, I have changed the byline on the left from “A Small Town Pastor’s Thoughts About Grace” to “A Small Church Pastor’s Thoughts About Grace.”

Also, in honor of Lent I have changed my color scheme to something more seasonal.  If you don’t like it, check back in Easter Sunday.

And please stay tuned as I continue to write about this wonderful grace that goes before us and waits for us to catch up!

Until then enjoy this example of Go Before Grace from a Lenten poem I boosted off of a friend’s Facebook feed.


They brought no edifying
Information back. It was the moon
Goddess they went to inspect,
Her gold hair, her gold thighs.
An absence of beauty
Oppressed them:
The flesh that was like
Pumice, a woman weary
Of hauling at
The slow tides.
Godhead, it
Seems, is best left
To itself; it is a fire
Extinguished, a luminary whose
Spent light reaches us still.

(in Collected Poems, 1945–1990 [London: Dent, 1993], p. 243)


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